August 26, 2011

SO much happening in the gaming world!

Lately, Bethesda has released a lot of new screenshots about skyrim, a majority of them focusing on the races and what they look like in this installment of the elder scrolls. You can view them all below:

Note: these are just the presets available for when a player is allowed to create their character, and customize their appearance


  1. As usual looks like character personalisation is going to be ridiculously detailed =3

    good stuff

  2. Thats the game I'm looking for the most. I liked Morrowind a lot, Oblivion was a mistake, Skyrim could be a game of the year

  3. Really, really can't wait for this game.

    And I disagree with Rifle; Oblivion was great, if a tad tedious sometimes.

  4. yeah @Randall, i liked Oblivion, but this game is gonna be epic imo