February 24, 2011

Another Screenshot

We know this game is centered around dragons. Infact, the main villain is a daedric dragon. And only >you< know how to stop him, being the last of the dragon born. So will we see dragons in game?

The answer is:
Yes we shall.
But will we be able to tame them? to use them for combat? transport?
We don't know yet, but between you and me, I think we will find out a whole lote more about this game in the next 12 hours *HINT HINT*

New info coming soon directly from bethesda.
Adios :)

February 23, 2011


Hey folk's.
So after studying a screenshot of Skyrim, its clear that there is indeed a lot of changes since oblivion.
Firstly it appears there are seasons. It's quite evident in the image below.

As we can see it's the main character (player) in a ranger type class. I guess you could call it hunter, but then it sounds like its coming from WoW. Either way, it look's pretty damn cool.

Curious if this game will use DX11. I guess we'll find out.
More images later.

February 22, 2011

New Screenshots

There are a good 8 or more new skyrim screenshots released.
The resolution on some of them is a let down, but it appears to be quite nice looking, an improvement on fallout new vegas, better then any other bethesda game so far.

Will post them soon, need to study at the moment :D

February 21, 2011


Hey guy's,
My internet has been down due to some infrastructure collapse, but it's all back on now.
So I was unable to keep you updated, but sometime in the next few days I should have all the newest info.