May 14, 2011

(OFF TOPIC) Blogger back up!

Well finally, its back up. I was freaking out for a while, wondering if there was something wrong with my connection, because the maintenance lasted longer then it said it would.

Oh well, here we are :)
So in other news, osama is dead. But is he really?
I guess we will never know, have to trust the government i guess.
Havent had much released about skyrim as of late, so I dont have much to comment on.

Im currently playing minecraft a lot, its a pretty great game.
What games are you guys playing now?


  1. I didn't realise how bored I was without Blogger!

  2. Osame is dead?!?! when did this happen?

  3. about as dead as I am but then he was never as real as I am in the first place.

  4. Minecraft is a fun game I'm playing it as well!

  5. I'm too scared to get minecraft. It's the sort of thng I have a feeling will consume my entire life

  6. I tried playing minecraft, as weird is it may sound-I failed at it.

  7. <3 Minecraft. Also been playing tf2 and killing floor.